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one-time giving

Support our work through a one-time donation. Your donation will support the many program initiatives that BFD has embarked on.

Monthly Donation

Extend your giving and impact. Each day families and individuals find themselves in need. We strive to make an impact on resourcing these lives. Commit to making a monthly $10 donation to extend our work into the communities and lives that need them. 

Host a Fundraiser

Engage your community, business, school, or friends and family to host a fundraiser for Battlefield Disciples. 


If you have a heart for our work and want to find out ways to volunteer, contact us! 

 If you have a specific talent or skill and wish to volunteer, contact us! 

partner with bfd 

Currently Battlefield Disciples is only on Long Island, New York. We serve Long Island and New York City. If you are interested in helping launch a BFD site in your hometown please contact us. 

Launch a Site

Thanks for submitting!

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